Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brewery goings on...

Well, there's not a whole lot going on brewing wise. We've drawn three of our fermenters down to empty in anticipation of our new tanks coming...tomorrow! I'll be sure to take some pictures so you can see what happened...Beer wise there is a new batch of IPA...called CCIPA . It's made with Cascade and Columbus hops. It's very pale in color but still packs a hop wallop. Come by and check it out...



Thursday, October 16, 2008

New tanks are almost done...

If you haven't heard yet we're growing. Yes, the little brewery that could is gaining two new tanks. To better serve the greater Tahoe area we needed a little bit more capacity. Rather than going the typical route we engaged a more local stainless steel fabricator over in Mound House, NV. Mound House is due east of Carson City on Hwy 50. Mound House is famous for it's 'ranches' that have something to do with bunnies.

We wanted to use someone local to enable us to get service on the tanks if needed. It also keeps money here in the local area versus China or elsewhere...

We expect these tanks soon as the third week in October.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We're on the board!!! 2008 GABF medal winner!

Wow! A huge sigh of relief too! Yes, we did it. Though there were visions of grandere we did walk away with a bronze medal in the 'Other Strong Beer' category. There were 32 entries in the category and I am very happy it was the Imperial Stout. Yes, the same beer that is aging in Oak barrels here at the brewery. Gives us something to look forward to.

Now we wait on the judges comments to see how the other beers did or didn't so to speak. The trip to Denver was a good one. I'll elaborate on that in another post.



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Great American Beer Festival time again

For many brewers the GABF incapsulates the brewing year. Everything you work for during that year comes home to roost so to speak. Sure it's a great time to network with you colleagues but really it's about your beer(s) up against others beer(s) and how they all get judged by your 'peers'.

This will be FiftyFifty's second time at the GABF and we have a bit more time under our belt as well. We've entered 11 beers, mostly our best work to date.

They are:

Manifesto Pale Ale --- American Amber Ale category
Rockslide IPA --- American IPA category
Donner Party Porter --- Other Strong Ale or Lager
Imperial Stout --- Other Strong Ale or Lager
Trifecta Tripel --- Honey Beer
Brothers Beer --- Belgian and French Style Ale
Collaborative Evil --- Specialty Beer
Foggy Goggle --- Belgian and French Style Ale
BART --- Wood and Barrel Aged Dark Beer
Train Wreck of Flavor --- Wood and Barrel Aged Dark Beer
Cuvee De not Brewed in San Diego --- Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beer

Luck or a craps shoot I'm not sure but I feel good about our beers this year. I'll chime in a time or two to let you know what's up in Denver.



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tap list...What's on at FiftyFifty

Base Camp
Donner Party Porter
Trifecta Tripel
Brothers Beer(Gone 10/3/08)
Collaborative Evil-Truckee

On tap soon...

Rockslide IPA
Columbus and Cascade IPA (I think we'll call it CC IPA)

Brewery News!!

We're getting new tanks in about 3 weeks and that means we'll have to empty 3 of our 5 fermenters for about 5-6 days. That means production will stop for a while and we'll be working hard to get everything back up to speed ASAP. We may be down a brand or two for a while but rest assured that we will strive to have all taps flowing. There might be a guest tap or two to get us through the downtime. Keep an eye here to stay informed with the latest info from the brewhouse.