Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FiftyFifty Imperial Stout prevails!!!(again)

It's certainly a fun story... The base beer for our Imperial Eclipse Stout has done it again. Bronze for the big beer that could. The 2009 GABF in Denver is in the history books and FiftyFifty Brewing Co. has made it in there yet again. The competition which was huge this year with over 3300 beers entered into 78 categories seems daunting to even the biggest breweries.
Nearly 500 breweries were in the mix this year yet only 45 'small brewpubs' took which we were one. Our medal came from the Other Strong Beer category which pits beers of various types against each other that are made 'bigger' than the recommended style guidelines.
Ours being an 'Imperialized Oatmeal Stout'. Also worthy of noting is we medaled in this category last year as well which is also a notable feat unto itself.

We have a keg of this Stout going on tap soon at the pub as we held it back for just such an occasion.