Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Germany, a beer tourists dreamland

I had to think quite a bit about the title, but one thing is certain if you are trying to save money things are cheap here. Well, except for gasoline life is reasonably cheap here. Maybe it is this small part of Germany(Oberfranken) but hotels, food, and beer are all inexpensive.

I'm having a good time though the days are very short and I'm usually calling it early than to brave the very narrow roads at night. My GPS took me on some one car width roads yesterday while it was snowing heavily. Talk about not knowing where to go! Everything is flat and white...not something you want to do after a few beers!

For your enjoyment a few pixs so far...


Anonymous said...


I read the article written in the Beer Advocate (I think) about your tours through the Bamberg area. My dad (who lives in Incline Village and visits your brewery frequently)is going to be visiting that area of Germany and wants to visit some of the breweries, Gasthauses you mentioned. Unfortunately, I can't find the magazine issue anymore. Does anyone happen to have a copy of it...or at least the links that were mentioned? Any advice for places he should definitely visit would be awesome.

Many thanks,

Sven from Santa Cruz

Todd Ashman said...


The best thing I could recommend for your Dad is the following book.


Just copy and paste that into your browser. I think my piece in the Beer Advocate recommended this book. This book will guide you around Bamberg, and the other small villages to look up are Merkendorf, Memmelsdorf and Schederndorf.

I'm headed over to Germany for my annual trip in a few weeks and I'm quite excited about. A week in Bamberg, and another week in other parts of Bavaria. I can report back any closures and anything else of interest.


Todd Ashman
FiftyFifty Brewing Co.