Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rockslide IPA...and Foggy Goggle

Dear IPA Fans-

Rumors have been flying about the IPA situation at the brewery recently. Kyle and I persevere to craft the ultimate IPA and sometimes it takes us to interesting places. Our latest endeavor the EXP IPA takes us to new heights and this brew is a really, really great IPA. Alas, it isn't Rockslide is it...! A new batch of Rockslide is currently in the #2 slot in the brew schedule so it should be in the tank no later than 4/17/09. Ready for drinking about 14-15 days after that.

With the success of Landslide and the very positive response from the EXP IPA we're exploring new (to us) hop products that can deliver a hop wallop of unprecedented measure! These beers of course will have to take a back seat to Rockslide and to quash any rumors of Rockslide's demise as completely unfounded B.S. ...

Foggy Goggle will be back in production soon too. New batches of Trifecta and Concentrated Evil also will be on the brewing agenda...

More news from the brewery soon...


Brewmaster Todd

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