Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What can you do in a day...

Well, that isn't my most snappy opening line but I feel it's works for today.

Kyle and I got four beers added to the draft lineup today. The return of Donner Party Porter and Trifecta Tripel. Both are tasting great with the Tripel really dialed in and I'm very happy with that... A new batch of Concentrated Evil which is also tasting good and the raisin component is there and very drinkable as well. Finally, the last of our tribute beer BART. Bart was the Ashman's pet for 19 years and we blended up our Summit BarleyWine and Roundabout Oatmeal Stout to celebrate Bart's life. Then we aged it in a Jack Daniels barrel. This is the last keg there is and Kyle and I felt it fitting to share it with our guests at FiftyFifty this holiday season. Please come by and try this special's tasting stellar.

To wrap up the day I p/o'd my boss...I'm hoping she'll forgive me...please...



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